Buddhist Attitude Towards Astrology.

The question most people ask is whether Buddhism accepts or rejects astrology. Strictly speaking, the Buddha did not make any direct pronouncement on this subject because as in many other cases, He stated that discussion on matters such as these do not pertain to spiritual development. Buddhism, unlike some other religions, does not condemn astrology and people are free to use the knowledge they can get from it to make their lives more meaningful. However, […]

Fortune Telling and Charms.

“Hard work is the luckiest star.” ALTHOUGH Buddhism does not refute belief in deities, spirits, astrology and fortune – telling, the Buddha’s advice was that people should not be slaves to any of those forces. A good Buddhist can overcome all his difficulties if he knows how to make use of his intelligence and will – power. The above mentioned beliefs have no spiritual significance or value. Man must overcome all his problems and difficulties […]

Superstitions and Dogmas.

“People ridicule the superstitions of others, while cherishing their own.” All ailments have cures but not superstitions. And if for some reason or other, any superstition crystallises into a religion, it easily becomes an almost incurable malady. In the performance of certain religious functions, even educated people of today forget their human dignity to accept the most ridiculous, superstitious beliefs. Superstitious beliefs and rituals were adopted to decorate a religion in order to attract the […]

Faith Healing.

“Faith healing – a psychological approach.” The practice of faith – healing is prevalent in many countries. Many people are trying to influence the public through emotional persuasion designated as faith – healing. In order to impress on their patients the efficacy of their healing powers, some faith healers use the name of a god or a religious object to introduce a religious flavour into their faith healing methods. The introduction of religion into faith […]

The Significance of Transference of Merits to the Departed.

“If you really want to honour and help your departed ones, then do some meritorious deeds in their name and transfer the merits to them.” ACCORDING to Buddhism, good deeds or ‘acts of merit’ bring happiness to the doer both in this world and in the hereafter. Acts of merit are also believed to lead towards the final goal of everlasting happiness. The acts of merit can be performed through body, speech or mind. Every […]

Belief in Deities (Devas).

“Buddhists do not deny the existence of various gods or deities.” Devas are more fortunate than human beings as far as sensual pleasures are concerned. They also possess certain powers which human beings usually lack. However, the powers of these deities are limited because they are also transitory beings. They exist in happy abodes and enjoy their life for a longer period than human beings do. When they have exhausted all the good kamma, that […]

The Buddhist Concept of Heaven and Hell.

“The wise man makes his own heaven while the foolish man creates his own hell here and hereafter.” The Buddhist concept of heaven and hell is entirely different from that in other religions. Buddhists do not accept that these places are eternal. It is unreasonable to condemn a man to eternal hell for his human weakness but quite reasonable to give him every chance to develop himself. From the Buddhist point of view, those who […]

The Origin of the World.

”There is no reason to suppose that the world had a beginning at all. The idea that things must have a beginning is really due to the poverty of our thoughts.” (Bertrand Russell) THERE are three schools of thought regarding the origin of the world. The first school of thought claims that this world came into existence by nature and that nature is not an intelligent force. However, nature works on its own accord and […]


“Killing Mercy and Killing can never go together.” ACCORDING to Buddhism mercy killing cannot be justified. Mercy and killing can never go together. Some people kill their pets on the grounds that they do not like to see the pets suffer. However, if mercy killing is the correct method to be practised on pets and other animals, then why are people so reluctant to do the same to their beloved ones? When some people see […]

Killing for Self Protection.

The Buddha has advised everyone to abstain from killing. If everybody accepts this advice, human beings would not kill each other. In the case where a person’s life is threatened, the Buddha says even then it is not advisable to kill out of self – protection. The weapon for self – protection is loving – kindness. One who practises this kindness very seldom comes across such misfortune. However, man loves his life so much that […]

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