14 Wonder’s of Pali Language

1) People don’t speak it in daily life. But it is studied all over the world.
2) The language of Tripitaka is now an international language.
3) It offers research components in many disciplines.
4) Buddha Dhamma has answers to all questions.

5) Not only monks, but new generation also learning it.
6) Pali literature has ancient medicine, architecture, management, economics etc.
7) Pali is studied in many universities all over the world.
8) Pali words couldn’t be translated into other language.

9) It has words with varying meanings depending on contexts.
10) Pali gave birth to many Indian languages including Sinhala.
11) It’s not just the language of Buddhism. Pali Jataka tales translated in many languages all over the world.
12) Before 150 years it was unknown. But now known to all over the world.

13) Only for this language, Pali Text Society established by British in India before 150 years.
14) The person who knows Pali becomes the Authority.

-Sanjay Sawant (Navi Mumbai )

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