Buddhist Philosophy


Legal experts and politicians in various countries have formulated and promulgated many and various laws, constitutions, regulations and ordinances. But these have not been conducive to the well-being of all the people in the World. They are not universally Valid. There are some shortcomings in these laws and principles. But, the Buddha, through a very long effort and after years of suffering, discovered the principle of the Middle Path, by research, by experimenting, and by implementing. No one has ever been able to discover such an admirable principle which will continue to be valid as long as the world exists, which will be applicable as long as human Society progresses.

When He was a prince, ascetic Siddhartha cnjoyed limitless luxury. When He was an ascetic He endured limitless suffering. He realized fully and comprehensively the futility of both these extremes, and said in joy, Eye arose on phenomena never known before. Wisdom arose. Knowledge arose. Insight arose.” (Cakku In dap adi, puna udaipadi, vijja udapadi, alok0 udapadi) The Buddha took immediate steps to place haunique knowledge, that unparalleled light before the generality of the people in the world. In short he was able to realize in the world.

In short, He was able to realize supreme Enlightenment while being established in that principle It was possible to realize Enlightenment through the principle of the Middle Path. What the progress or well-being that cannot be achieved through the principle of the Middle Path? The principle of Middle Path is the law that ensures the protection of the world. Even the planets move in the orbit of the Middle Path. If the planets go beyond their orbits they will get destroyed. Even our Earth rests on the principle of the Middle Path. In everything, in every action, straying beyond limits will spell destruction. Our daily rice Sustains our life. But, if we took several plates of rice or a whole p0t of rice all at once, that will bring about destruction. Drinking water Sustains our life, But, if we drank several bucketfuls/of water, it will be extremely harmful.

Those who take intoxicating drink excessively die early. Those who bles rest excessively will become derallB Even ifimedicine is taken in excess it will prove harmful. There is a limit to the work that peo Should do. There is a limit within Wh person should live. To exceed th05 15 harmful . There is a limit to a WWE behaviour. If she trangresses In xceed those limits to a woman’s Ses that limit it Timit to a monk 5 is destructive . The behaviour, 1f he goes harmful. There are Boes beyond that if IA Seven officials, inus, Ininisters, people S Tepresentatives and prinic ininisters should observe, IFhey go beyond those limits it will bring about destruction.

There are limits to countries, to nations, to communities. If these limits are transcended their destruction will come about, Buddhists and sustain Path Extremism is harmful-destructive, Buddha experimented with it and rejected it as low, common, belonging to ordinary folk, ignoble, conducive to misery. There are countries with extreme political power Sri Lanka is foremost among countries that have shaped their political systems over a long period of time, along the principle of Middle Path. They built tanks throughout the country, improved cultivation and fed the people well. Viharas, monasteries and places of Worship were set up. Religious feelings were inculcated in the minds of men, Thoughts of peaceful co-existence were promoted among the people.

All this was achieved with the inspiration of the Middle Path principle of Buddhism, The Buddha advocated a balanced existence as a means of worldly welfare, What was mcint by the expression nced existence’ was a way of life in hich the expenditure was in keeping with the income, The Buddha’s principle of Middle Path was so highly esteemed by Emperor Asoka that, in his Rock Edict No, 3, he has proclaimed : It is good to strike a balance between income and expenditure, He had this written down for the benefit of the people. In consequence, the Buddhists should follow the Middle Path, and no other policy.

The only system, the only principle that any individual, that any society, that any country, any nation or any community can sustain, is the principle of the Middle Path. Those countries which develop fast and those people who rise rapidly, have all collapsed quickly, We have witnessed this kind of thing. Therefore, we have to lead our lives Strictly according to the principle of the Middle Path. When an individual walks along the Noble Eight – Fold Path of Right Views, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Activity, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration, his policy will atutomatically be that of the Middle Path, All Buddhist lives should be led in terms of this noble policy.

CREDIT : The greatest man who ever lived (the supreme Buddha)- ven.weragoda sarada maha thero.

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